Physical payment tracking

Context and goals

Our client is a Belgian bank from an international financial group, which wanted to secure its business flows and improve its level of service to customers and partners, by monitoring physical payments.

As part of this objective, in addition to an overhaul of the organization, it was decided to set up a tool for continuous supervision of flows.

The client’s objectives were to :

  • Have visibility on the monitoring of cash transport
  • Have real-time visibility of precious metal and cash flows
  • Better follow the penalties to be applied to conveyors
Cas clients Paiements Physiques Mind7 Consulting

Added value

Master process

Fund location

Real time


Mind7 Consulting teams intervened to set up the cash transport supervision application. This application allows you to have information in real time and thus supervise the respect of schedules at each of the different stages of the conveyor process.

The project took place in several “classic” phases: collection of customer needs, validation of specificities with the customer, implementation of technical choices and backlog sprint, implementation of the solution, internal acceptance phase then by the client, and finally production of the application and support for users. The details of each flow at the major account level are retrieved, consolidated and aggregated using the supervision tool of our partner Axway. The monitoring of the transport of funds is monitored using the following indicators which indicate which flows (amounts, volume, partner) arrived on time, arrived late, not yet arrived. The monitoring application therefore allowed better monitoring of the timing for the transport of funds.

Effort and technologies

The supervision application implemented is based on the product of our partner Axway.
The project was carried out by agile iteration and was finalized in 2 months.


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