Marketing project in Insurance

Context and goals

Our client is a major player in the Insurance sector. Its commercial activity is based on internal teams but also and above all on a network of affiliated agents and / or partners, distributed geographically throughout the country. Carrying out an in-depth reflection on its operational organization, our client has equipped itself with the means to offer a complete and innovative offer to its policyholders but also, indirectly, from its agents. In the continuity of a 360 ° View project, and in compliance with regulatory frameworks, the client asked Mind7 Consulting to use the information available to improve Marketing actions.
This batch of the Customer Knowledge program therefore aimed to :

  • Set up an Insured Portfolio analysis and client segmentation tool
  • Improve the sharing of information, offers and marketing campaigns with sales agents
  • Facilitate monitoring of field actions and their effectiveness

Added Value

Time saving

Consolidation of information

Better operational monitoring

More suitable offers

The project

Mind7 Consulting intervened to design and implement the entire project. The realization was carried out in agile mode through 4 iterations of approximately 3 weeks.

The first step was to consolidate all of the information shared by the client and useful for segmentation (general information, equipment, insurance premiums, etc.) in order to “lay out” the data available. From there, screens have been created so that a user equipped with specific rights can navigate the portfolio and identify the policyholders concerned by such an offer or such product, according to the search criteria they activate. Finally, a collection of field information was activated in order to feed an improvement loop for Marketing campaigns.

Monitoring dashboards have been produced to monitor the client portfolio as well as the progress of field actions. Additional functionalities allowing the integration of prospecting data or an offer recommendation engine were also realized within the framework of the project.

The Agile approach that was implemented as part of the project made it possible to iterate very quickly and very frequently with the client’s teams. Proximity to the client’s teams was a key success factor on this project and enabled the delivery of a rich, useful and quickly deployed application in the field.

Effort and technologies

The solution implemented is based on the Exalead OneCall product from our partner Dassault Systèmes.
This product, focused on better “customer engagement”, allows organizations to collect, reconcile and enrich very large volumes of data, whether internal or external, structured or not, simple or complex, to restore to the user personalized information.




Project manager




Weeks per agile iteration