La Poste partners diffusion project

Context and goals

Our client, Le Groupe La Poste, is a major player in transport in France and Europe. His job, like most logistics players, is undergoing major change. It is in this context that La Poste launched an ambitious program which aims to “move from the world of products to the era of services”. With peaks of activity at 2.7 million packages distributed per day, the Parcels division, specialist in the delivery of packages weighing less than 30 kg, is a key player in the distance and online sales market, number 1 on the French market.

The Parcels cluster called on Mind7 Consulting to support it in the implementation of a reactive architecture, which aims to :

  • Implement a reactive architecture capable of processing a thousand events per second on the fly
  • Reduce IT costs by leveraging more open source bricks
  • Reduce the time it takes to implement new features
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Added value

Business rules Management

Real time

IS Modernization

Processing large volumes of data

The project

Mind7 Consulting intervened to modernize the application brick which sends the reporting messages to the clients.
These messages are generated from data coming from the package life cycle, configurable business rules, and sent to the EDI block.
In three months, the application was produced and deployed to handle the needs of a new customer flow.

Mind7 Consulting teams actively participated in the design and implementation of the application. Assembled as a Feature team, the Mind7 Consulting consultants carried out the expected functionalities in Agile mode.

In close collaboration with a Product Owner from La Poste teams, but also business and IT production contacts, the Scrum Master and Mind7 Consulting developers were able to deliver not only the transactional application, but also a supervision brick. The whole thus in front of the new partner distribution base.

“The Mind7 Consulting teams understood our needs, our business and our constraints. They were able to provide and implement effective solutions. ” Jérémy Amourous, Director of Information Systems, La Poste Colissimo.

Effort and technologies




Scrum master


product owner from client


Weeks per agile iteration