International payment tracking

Context and goals

Our client is a Belgian bank of an international financial group, which
wanted to secure its business flows and improve its level of service to customers and partners by monitoring international payments.

It is in this context that a need for supervision appeared in order to :

  • Detect problems with payments, direct debits and transfers
  • Know the status of payments, direct debits and transfers
  • Know at what stage the problem occurred
  • Reduce penalties by monitoring the portion of payments, direct debits and transfers to allow better monitoring for large accounts
Cas clients Paiements Internationaux Mind7 Consulting

Added Value

Master process

Reduce costs

Customer satisfaction

International payment tracking project

Mind7 Consulting intervened to set up the business supervision application for this client.
This application allows the monitoring of international payments according to the services subscribed by large accounts.

Mind7 Consulting teams managed all stages of the project and in particular the collection of user needs, the design and implementation of technical solutions and finally the validation and deployment of the application thus produced.
The details of each payment, direct debit and transfer at the large account level have thus been collected, consolidated and aggregated by the supervision application.

The life cycle of payments is represented as a process and is monitored using indicators such as:

  • Volumetry : the accounting of objects by stage and by dimension allows continuous monitoring of the smooth running of activities
  • Normal behavior : past statistics are used to determine standard profiles per day, per customer, per stage and thus automatically assess the elements in real time. Transit time and compliance with SLAs are calculated and assessed in real time to determine the risk of failure before incidents occur (detection of weak signals)
  • Cut off: an assessment of deadlines and the ability to meet them allows performance to be determined before the business milestones and, where appropriate, to prioritize actions.

Effort and technologies

The supervision application implemented is based on a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution from our partner Axway.
The project team was composed of two technical consultants and a functional consultant on Mind7 Consulting side. On the client side, the team included a technical developer, a functional consultant and a project manager. The project was carried out by agile iteration and was finalized in 3 months.


application bAM


fonctional consultant
from mind7 consulting


technical consultant
from mind7 Consulting


Project consultant
from our client