Financial process modeling

Context et goals

Our client is a humanitarian organization that manages over a hundred local agencies. These subsidiaries apply for funding for projects which until today have been managed manually via Excel by two people at headquarters. Tomorrow, in the new organization, to encourage participation and initiative, around twenty people, local intermediaries, will be able to manage these requests and will therefore have to have available a standardized tool to ensure the steering of the process.

This organization called on Mind7 Consulting to support it in the implementation of a process management tool which aims to:

  • Ensure the sustainability of the funding of subsidiaries following the decentralization of activity
  • Model the existing process and the target process
  • Specify specifications for an application solution
Cas clients Modélisation Mind7 Consulting

Added Value

Master process

Reduce costs

Customer satisfaction

The project

We intervened to define and carry out the whole project. For this, the Mind7 Consulting teams have set up business workshops to specify all of the actors, actions and responsibilities of each.
The project lasted a month, with two iterations of two weeks. A total of 3 workshops were used to pilot the project and a presentation of the deliverable.
The framing was thus able to bring up a solution of the Business Process Management (BPM) type which makes it possible to model a process as well as its business rules and generate from there input screens and workflows.

Effort and technologies

The project was carried out by agile iteration, with new functionalities deployed in production every three months, using Software AG’s PPM solution. The project lasted a total of one year.


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