e-commerce performance project in Distribution

Context and goals

In order to support its growth and in a context of redesigning its eCommerce activities, our client, a major player in large distribution wanted to :

  • Guarantee the proper execution of its process, that is to say that all its customer orders were processed at the right time
  • Ensure that the underlying information system was 100% operational
  • Detect rejections, inconsistencies, errors and understand their origin
  • Quickly provide indicators to track migration from one application to another
Cas clients e-Commerce Mind7 Consulting

Added value

Real time vision

Better customer service

Better operational performance

Detecting problems

The project

To do this, the Mind7 Consulting teams have implemented a real-time supervision solution.
The project took place in Agile mode and lasted less than two months. The solution continuously captures information and data in the Information System in order to reconstruct in real time the progress of the process and the processing of each order. Thus it becomes possible to set up rules to detect malfunctions, whether they are technical (inter or intra-application deadlines too long, processing in error …), but especially business (abnormal activity, anticipation of missing articles , risk of late delivery …).

Among the data thus captured, there are order information from the e-commerce platform, internal logistics systems (WMS and TMS) and from partners, as well as certain technical components (Talend ETL, Active MQ files, etc.).

Functional users such as flow pilots, warehouse operatives and multichannel activity managers were offered personalized supervision screens according to their operational habits and their scope of action. Similarly, users of the IT Department use monitoring dashboards, but have also been able to integrate the alerts raised by the supervision application into their IT management processes.

Effort and technologies

This project was completed in less than two months with the Agile approach by iteration of two weeks. This allowed us to quickly implement the solution software “Decision Insight” from our partner, the publisher Axway.

This Operational Intelligence software makes it possible to continuously monitor a business flow or process in order to detect any malfunctions or risks as soon as possible. This type of solution thus aims to give operational teams, as close to the field, the means to better serve their end customers, reduce their operating costs and improve the performance of their activities.




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