360° view project in Insurance

Context and goals

Our client is a major player in the Insurance sector. Its commercial activity is based on internal teams but also and above all on a network of affiliated agents and / or partners, distributed geographically throughout the country. Carrying out an in-depth reflection on its operational organization, our client has equipped itself with the means to offer a complete and innovative offer intended for its policyholders but also, indirectly, for its agents.

As part of an ambitious program to redesign its customer relationship, this customer called on Mind7 to set up a consolidated view of its customers and prospects. 

The main objectives of the project could be summarized as follows :

  • Centralize customer knowledge and all interactions with each insured 
  • Facilitate access but also information capture from operational staff
  • Manage and limit data sharing (deduplication or on the contrary partitioning.

Added Value

Time saving

Best service at the end

Better knowledge

Offers more adapted

The project

We intervened in order to provide our client with the long-awaited consolidated vision within a few months. Mind7 Consulting first identified the main relevant data and expected features. This made it possible to build a project plan called “backlog” which included all the tasks to be prioritized by logical iteration.

One of the major challenges was to ensure that the various agents in the field could share information without losing control of their client portfolio, hence the fine definition of rights and security.

The development of the application focused on access to information, the collection and processing of data as well as the constitution of the model. Once the data was centralized, the management of access rights to information and semantic processing (reconciliation, research, removing duplicates, indicators …) were implemented.

Finally, screens and dashboards were built in order to finalize an application that can be directly used by users.

Throughout the project, our consultants used the Agile method. It made it possible to secure the planning but also and above all, permanently, to adapt the solution to user expectations. Thus, we improve both the relevance and the handling. The proximity to the client’s teams has made it possible to deliver a rich, useful application that is quickly deployed in the field. According to feedback from our client, the project was a success not only on the result but also on the method. One of the important points of the project was the change management with the agents.

The solution was designed and implemented in order to simplify their lives and not be an additional burden for them. This was a condition sine qua non for its adoption.

Effort and technologies

The solution implemented is based on the Exalead OneCall product from our partner Dassault Systèmes. This product, focused on better “customer engagement”, allows organizations to collect, reconcile and enrich very large volumes of data, whether these are internal or external, structured or not, simple or complex, to restore to the user personalized information.




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