Why do we trust Software AG ?

Digital transformation continues to change the IT environment of enterprises, moving from rigid application silos to a modern digital platform, focused on IT architectures and offering the openness, speed and agility to become a digital enterprise oriented “real time”.

Mind7 Consulting as an integrating partner of Software AG joins forces to implement Software AG’s end-to-end Digital Business Platform. This open standards-based platform enables integration, process management, adaptive application development, real-time analytics, and enterprise architecture management as essential fundamentals to help our customers achieve better results.

 What interested Mind7 Consulting in the solutions of its partner Software AG, in addition to the great performance of its software especially in terms of integration, is the vision “process” which is reflected in the approach and the catalog of Software AG .

This strength enables Software AG to be business-focused and to bring to the market solutions such as Process Performance Manager, which allows you to reconstruct and model business activities as they really happened and from there, axes of improvement which give to the operational ones the tracks to be permanently the most effective and adaptive possible.