Why do we trust Lightbend ?

Agir sur vos données avec Mind7 Consulting

Mind7 Consulting is one of the technology enthusiasts who design and implement application solutions that exploit Big Data in real time.

It is therefore natural that Mind7 Consulting has approached Lightbend, pioneer of Reactive Architectures and expert editor of event-oriented applications, who created and maintains frameworks such as Akka, Play and Lagom but also the programming language Scala.

Lightbend also contributes to Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and other open source projects. Lightbend and Mind7 Consulting have also teamed up to translate the Akka Responsive Architecture manifesto from A to Z, available to download here.

"Real-time streaming. Reactive microservices. Converged."


Lightbend leads the company’s transformation to real-time and cloud-based applications. Its mission is to help customers become real-time businesses with systems that combine the scalability and resiliency of the microservice architecture with the real-time value of streaming data.

Lightbend has created the Lightbend Platform, which provides scalable, high-performance microservice infrastructure and streaming engines for creating data-centric systems that are optimized to run on native cloud infrastructure. With strategic partners like Mind7 Consulting, they help developers create high-performance, dynamic, resilient, responsive and message-driven responsive applications and enable better implementation of solutions.

Many brands, including the 27 Fortune 100 companies, are transforming their business through this platform and through their ongoing engagement with Lightbend experts. Every day, billions of users use these technologies through software applications that change the world.