Why do we trust Axway ?​

Dassault Systèmes et Mind7 Consulting

Based on the software developed by Axway, Mind7 Consulting integrates and maintains solutions that allow optimized governance of data flows in the most complex organizations.

Axway software solutions pave the way for unique digital experiences by connecting all stakeholders in the same ecosystem, whether people, systems or entire businesses.

As an integrating partner of Axway solutions, we deploy it with all the expertise that brings us more than a decade of practice on some of these software.

Since its inception, Mind7 Consulting has been involved in the field of process performance, notably by integrating the Axway Decision Insight software. This solution provides real-time analytics and an end-to-end view of business activities and processes. Users are able to detect risks, malfunctions or continuous opportunities and thus maintain a high level of business performance.

"We focus on each client’s transformation potential."


As a software publisher, Axway aims to expand digital experiences and opportunities by connecting people, systems, businesses and ecosystems and fast-forwarding businesses digital transformation. Axway follows a path of sustainable growth support by technological innovations, market knowledge and agility.

Since its inception in 2001, Axway has helped companies to transform digitally. Indeed, the success of its customers at a time when business interactions are changing and accelerating at an exponential rate is a priority.

As a long-time specialist in middleware markets and the 5th largest software company on the french market, Axway enables more than 11,000 customers around the world to create networks for the exchange of information between their various IT applications. Axway Group, headquartered in Phoenix, USA, and in Paris, France, is a fundamentally international group with approximately 1,850 employees worldwide and solutions deployed in more than 100 countries.

Offers & projects offered by Axway

Axway Decision Insight

Axway Decision Insight

AMPLIFY API Management

AMPLIFY API Management

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