Mind7 Consulting and Mesosphere

Follower of the DevOps methodologies and as a partner in particular of Mesosphere, Mind7 Consulting brings solutions to simplify the development and the management of applications, while bringing more facility and agility to the developers, the operators and the datascientists. Mesos’ two-tier architecture enables existing and new distributed technologies to run on the same platform and gives organizations the ability to create their own business logic in their applications, dramatically simplifying operations.

"Raise your data center to the modern era." Mesosphère


Mesos began as a research project at UC Berkeley, the birthplace of BSD Unix. The project was launched at AMPLab by Ph.D. students Benjamin Hindman, Andy Konwinski and Matei Zaharia, accompanied by Professor Ion Stoica. Inspired by Google’s Borg system, the goal of the project was to create an open source kernel that simplifies the creation and execution of large-scale distributed applications and treats the entire data center as a giant super-computer, while maintaining an extensible architecture. Built at UC Berkeley, it has been tested and upgraded under the crushing burden of Twitter and Airbnb and now supports some of the world’s largest applications.

Apache Mesos is the core of open-source distributed systems at the heart of Mesosphere’s DC / OS. It synthesizes the entire data center into a single pool of computing resources, simplifying the operation of large-scale distributed systems.

Mesos supports different types of workloads to create a truly modern application. These distributed workloads include container orchestration (Mesos, Docker and Kubernetes containers), analysis (Spark), Big Data technologies (Kafka, Cassandra) and many others.

Les offres

  • Mesosphere DC/OS : Integrated platform for data and containers that automates container and data services deployment and production operations.
    • Hybrid Cloud Orchestration
    • Kubernetes-as-a-Service
    • Legacy Java Orchestration

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