Mind7 Consulting, our consultancy firm, is an IT service company specialised in performance measurement and data processing.

our root

Founded in 2011 by current directors, Mind7 Consulting makes the most of data towards information systems since recent digital evolution in order to answer new companies’ priorities.

our mission


Since our foundation, our mission aims to support our clients to improve their performance and acquire a better understanding of their data by using all available levers:

  • Processes to secure and industrialize operations
  • Teams in charge of their execution as well as client satisfaction
  • Tools to sustain and perpetuate progress

our mindset


Our Mindsetters’ consultants built-in their consultation clients’ issues, their expectation, and their preoccupation, in order to suggest the most appropriate solution.


Our expertise focuses on our digital revolution knowledge including technological watch and research and development; and also our professional consultations.


Execution speed as key factor of success involves that our project have to be target, fast and agile.


Enabling freedom of expression, progress and working together with great pleasure leads up to a team which is united, involved, creative, and agile.


In partnership with well-known software publishers, we set up our own innovative solutions made to measure for our clients.

our co-founders

Avatar de Stéphane Hugot, dirigeant associé de Mind7 Consulting avec Andrea Zerial

Stéphane Hugot

Stéphane, co-founder of Mind7 consulting, has a strong experience of 15 years in consultancy.

From a scientific background, he began as a junior consultant at DMR Consulting (Quebec organization). Then continued as a project manager and business consultant when he joined Systar in 2009.

Due to his lean six sigma certification (Level: Green Belt) and his operational working experience, Stéphane is orientated delivery. He pays a particular attention to services and performance.

Leisures: Geek, and father, his leisures are his children ones.

His motto: “Every step, even small one, enable to go further.”

Avatar d'Andrea Zerial, dirigeant associé de Mind7 Consulting avec Stéphane Hugot

Andrea Zerial

Andrea, co-founder of Mind7 Consulting has an entrepreneurship spirit and 17 years experience in consultancy.

Graduate from ESSEC, he was a project manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, then he joined IBM Business Services as Project Director. He continued his career as an employee at Systar as a client partner in order to set up its consulting offer.

Oriented business, Andrea like built up innovative approaches for his clients, especially in pre-sales phase and selling proposition.

His leisures: Cinema lover and sportsman (karate practice).
His motto: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

our approach

Our methods always aim at delivering to the operational teams of our clients the expected results as quickly as possible.

During our interventions, we pay particular attention to the 3Us’ : we commit to results so we recommend our implementation to be:

our 3Us'


  • Answer strong expectations from operations
  • Bring them extra value
  • Give them the means to improve and adapt the organization


  • Anticipate the way teams will handle applications and changes
  • Think as soon as possible to the actions that will be taken daily


  • Include each stakeholders as soon as possible in order to foster ownership and relevance
  • Follow the effective usage in the long term

our activity

Design our own innovative solutions, made to measure with agile method and inclusive, gives to our clients the ability to accelerate their projects due to our expertise.
In order to identify and design those innovative solutions made to measure with our software publisher partners, Mind7 Consulting ensure an important effort in R&D and technological watch.

Main business sectors





Our value proposition


Our consultants associate tools and methods in order to understand:

  • on the one hand, tools to capture, handle and capitalize on information available in the Information System
  • on the other hand, methods, coming from Quality to take the right decisions, improve and transform your organization

Tools capture, process and take advantage of available information inside information systems; then methods from quality lean on decision making and cope with improvement and change concern.

In conclusion, by combining these two dimensions it is possible to improve durably organizations. Tools help to take advantage of available, structure and sustain practices. Quality methods enable to identify potential progress, but also to interpret the collected information and identify action plans.

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