Mind7 Consulting and Confluent

As a fan of new technologies, Mind7 Consulting has partnered with Confluent to design and implement application solutions that exploit real-time Big Data. This partnership aims to provide the best service, based on Apache Kafka, to develop event-driven applications and big data pipelines. Mind7 Consulting and Confluent enable new interactive and real-time data mining cases that were previously difficult to use.

" The event streaming platform designed by the original creators of Apache Kafka®" Confluent


Confluent, which was founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka, was the pioneer in a business-ready, out-of-the-box event streaming platform. With Confluent, companies benefit from the industry’s first enterprise-class event streaming platform with the ease of use, scalability, security, and flexibility required by the world’s most savvy businesses to manage their business in real time . This new platform paradigm has enabled leading companies in their respective industries to transform their architectures into streaming from batch processing, covering on-premise and multi-cloud environments. Supported by Benchmark, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital, Confluent is based in Palo Alto and London and has offices worldwide.


  • Confluent Platform  : A streaming platform created on Apache Kafka for large scale distributed environments
  • Confluent KSQL : streaming SQL engine that allows real-time data processing on Apache Kafka®.
  • Confluent Hub : An online library of pre-packaged and ready-to-install extensions or add-ons for Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka®.
  • Confluent Cloud

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