Internal life

Mind7 Consulting also has a rich and dynamic internal life

We strive to strengthen the links between our Mindsetters by frequently organizing internal events: kick off, touchbase, trip …

Mind7 Consulting is HappyAtWork

Mind7 Consulting obtained the Happyindexatwork label with a score of 4.46/5 thanks to the active and massive participation of more than 80% of our employees.
HappyIndexAtWork label recognizes Mind7 Consulting’s involvement in its actions around well-being at work and the richness of its missions.
We are a dynamic company in which our employees find a balance between their professional and personal lives, and also, can increase theirs skills on subjects with high potential.

” We are very pleased and proud to see Mind7 Consulting obtaining the HappyIndexAtWork label. This is a true testimony to the daily feeling of our teams in their work and the atmosphere that results from it. By participating in this innovative operation, Mind7 Consulting wishes to continue its progress in the management and motivation of its employees, as well as sharing our culture with our future candidates.”

Andrea Zerial and Stéphane Hugot, the Associate Directors of Mind7 Consulting

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